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Firmware Upgrade Instruction from the Boot prompt for Magnum 6K/10 Switches - Knowledgebase / Products / 6/10K Switches - GarrettCom Support Center

Firmware Upgrade Instruction from the Boot prompt for Magnum 6K/10 Switches

Description: After upgrading switch firmware on a Magnum 6L/10KT switch, sometimes the switch does not come boot up after reboot, and get stuck at the boot prompt. It means bootloader or switch firmware got corrupted and can load the switch firmware.

You will need to upgrade the switch from the boot prompt. Previously customer had to send the switch back to factory to upgrade the switch. It was costly and time consuming.

There is a way to upgrade the switch firmware from the boot prompt.

1. Laptop with direct Ethernet connection to the Garrettcom switch port
2. Tera Term application and console cable to connect the switch using console port (USB to serial)
3. TFTP server running in your laptop
4. Switch Firmware file in your laptop running TFTP server.

Switch Firmware upgrade Instruction:
For example:

Laptop IP:, and
Switch IP:
You can use any IP address from the same network, or you can use the IP address from the given example
On the switch boot prompt, run the following commands below in sequence:

Magnum 6KL(boot)#
Step 1: Set an IP address on the switch interface, type the command below
Magnum 6KL(boot)#
ip_address -l

IP:, Gateway:
Default server:

Step 2: Ping IP address of the laptop from the switch console. If it pings there is connectivity, if not check the ping command, and run it again

Magnum 6KL(boot)# ping -n 10 -h
Network PING - from to
PING - received 10 of 10 expected
You will see the above response if switch and laptop are talking.

Note: Make sure your TFTP server is running, and the switch firmware is kept in in the TFTP File system root path, and Read Request and Write Request Behavior are check marked.

Step 3: Run the switch upgrade command give below, and read the text that follows

Magnum 6KL(boot)# upgrade -m tftp -h Rel_B_4.6.2.bin
Loaded Application Version 4.6.2

Ready to write Application to Flash. - continue (y/n)? y
Application Successfully Updated.

Note: You will see a message Application Successfully Updated, means the firmware has been loaded in switch flash memory.
Step 4: Reboot the switch by giving the command below

Magnum 6KL(boot)# reboot
Reboot switch? - continue (y/n)? y
The switch should boot up normally, and you should see login prompt.
Login to the switch using your manager credential, and verify the firmware version running on the switch
Magnum 6KL#show version