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DX940e - How to Collect Support Information using the Web GUI

How to Collect Support Information in DX940e using Web GUI

This feature can be used for troubleshooting and debugging a system. It collects and generates a support file which has all the relevant information from the system which can be used later for analysis. This file typically includes:

• Active running configuration file

• All event log files from device

• Output of various application level and VxWorks level commands

• All the files generated as part of enabling to debug feature like systempolling, shell re- direction, exception dump file etc.

• infoShow.txt file contains the output of various internal data form debugging.

– Details of memory pool allocation

– Network statistics

– Internal of tasks and data structures dump.

– Software Exceptions

Note: Collector bundle will not retrieve any sensitive information like credentials, Web/SSH keys from the box.

The support for Infocollect generation will be available via both WEB and CLI. The generated Infocollect will be saved on the device which can be pulled out by the user later via SFTP or via Web. Only one infocollect can be saved on the device at any instance. If Infocollect already exists, then it will be

overwritten by the new one. The final infocollect file will be in ZIP format.

This document will guide you how to collect Troubleshooting Information for technical support from DX940e.

1. Login to your DX940e using Web GUI, default username/password: manager/manager

2. From Web GUI Click on Administration -> Infocollect. Click on the create button on the page

 Note: Once you click on Create button, it will generate an file. It can take up to 2 minutes to generate the file. 

3. Click on Refresh button to see if the file is generated. See picture below with file.

4. Click the link "" to save zip file to your laptop, create a ticket on our support portal, and attach file there. 

Note: Also provide network topology of your network. It does not need to be fancy one, you can make on a piece of paper with all device connection, port number and IP addresses of the devices, scan, and attach it to the ticket. 

Login, if you already have an account, or create an account using the Register button, and then create a ticket, and attach file to the ticket.