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DX940E - How to Reset to Factory Default

How to Reset DX940e to Factory Default

Only time you will need to reset the switch to factory default.

  1. If you have forgotten password of DX940e, or
  2.  you want to re-configure the device again.

To reset the device to factory default, you will need CLI (Command Line Interface) access using console port (9-pin DB9 connector) on the device.  You will also need Serial Communication application like Tera Term or Putty.


  1. Access to device
  2. Null Modem serial cable (USB to DB9 connector cable)
  3. Serial Communication Software for example Tera Term, or Putty

Connect DX940e with a serial null modem cable (USB to DB9 connector cable) on the console port of the device, and USB port on your Laptop. Open a serial communication application like Term Term or Putty to get the CLI (Command Line Interface) access to the device. Set the COM Port Setting for Serial Port:

Baud Rate: 38400, Data: 8bits, Parity: none, Stop bits: 1 bit, Flow Control: none

Power cycle the device, once it’s start booting, you will see a message

###Hold down SPACE key to stop boot process ###

Note: Press the “SPACE BAR” on your laptop or PC, or keep tapping the “SPACE BAR” key, till you see the sentence Starting boot menu…

Type  “9” at the prompt, and press Enter Key to Restore System to Factory Defaults.  You will see the warning message as shown in screen below:

Select “yes” Are you sure you want to continue.  This will erase the configuration file, and leave the switch with factory default and firmware. See screen below:

Once the switch boots up again, you can login using factory default Login and Password

Login: manager

Password: manager

See the screen below:

The device is set to factory default

You can verify by checking the default IP address, run this command at the prompt:

MagnumDX# ip show address

Interface       DHCP Address         Subnet Mask     Remote Address               Sys Status

=============== ==== =============== =============== =============== === ======

Default         No                   Yes                              Up

CELL1           No                                                                    No                          Down