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Reset Password or lost Manager password - Knowledgebase / Products / 6/10K Switches - GarrettCom Support Center

Reset Password or lost Manager password

In the event you lost have forgotten or lost the Managers password, in order to regain access please go through the following steps;

1. Connect to your Magnum 6K32 switch using a NULL modem cable with DB9 female connector at both the ends. Put one end on the console port at the back of the Magnum 6K32 switch and the other end on the COM port of your PC/Laptop. If you do not have a COM port, then follow the next step otherwise jump to step 

2. If you do not have a COM port on your Laptop/PC, get a USB-to-Serial converter cable and plug the Serial end of the cable to the NULL modem and the USB end of the cable into the USB port of your laptop/PC. You will have to install driver for the USB-to-Serial. 

3. After you have connected the USB-to-Serial cable as described in step 2, then right click on "My Computer" and then go to "Properties" and then go to "Hardware" and then click on "Device Manager" and then on the displayed list browse down to the COM and LPT ports menu and expand it. The USB-to-Serial com port number would be visible. 

4. Open the HyperTerminal session and put the following port settings for the session
     Bits per second: 38400
     Data bits: 8
     Stop bits: 1
     Parity: None
     Flow control: None

5. Power cycle the switch and when the screen shows "Uncompressing. Done." hit the CTRL+X key combination a couple of times.

6. The switch will boot up with the default configuration.

7. Default username: manager password: manager

8. Issue command "kill config" (without quotes) and hit "Enter" key. 

9. After the switch is done erasing config, issue "reboot" command (without quotes) and restart the switch. The switch will prompt you if you wish to save the configuration, hit 'n' for NO.

10. The switch will reboot with default IP address: with subnet mask of