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Troubleshooting Cellular Connection on DX940e

How to Troubleshoot Cellular Connection on DX940e

Steps to Troubleshoot Cellular Connection using Web GUI

Step 1: Verify the Cellular interface and cell signal on the Virtual Front Panel

If you don’t see any signal bars, there is no good connection or coverage from your service provider. In the above picture we have excellent signal strength.

Step 2: Verify the Cellular admin status, See picture below, Cellular -> Config

Note: Profile Name would be SIM specific, For AT&T SIM Profile1 (APN: i2gold) is default profile while for Verizon it is Profile3 (APN: vzwinternet).

In the picture below Profile Name is selected for the AT&T SIM which is Profile1.

Step 3: Verify Cellular interface Connection Status. See picture below under Cellular -> Status

Make sure operation status is Up, Modem State: Connected, Signal Strength: Excellent

Step 4: Verify Cellular information, see picture below under Cellular -> Info

Step 5: Verify Data is Transmitting and Receiving on Cellular Interface, see picture below under Cellular ->  Data Statistics

Step 6: Verify Cellular Interface has an IP address from the Service Provider, see picture below under Routing ->  IP addresses

Step 7: Verify Cellular interface entry in Routing table, see picture below under Routing àTable

Steps and Commands to troubleshoot Cellular connection from CLI

Step 1: Verify Cellular Interface is enabled and associated with a Profile, run the command below:

MagnumDX(cellular)# show settings

       Admin Status : Enabled

       Profile Name : Profile1

Step 2: Verify current profile setting, profile provided by the Service Provider, run the command below:

MagnumDX(cellular)# show profile

             Net    PDP

Profile    APN             Type  Type    IP              primaryDNS      Auth

========== =============== ===== ======= =============== =============== ====

Profile1   i2Gold          lte   ipv4          none  

Step 3: Verify status of the cellular interface connection, run the command below:

MagnumDX(cellular)# show status

Oper Status : Up

        Reg. State : Registered

Modem State : Connected

   Signal Strength : Excellent

Service Indication : HSDPA DL

           Roaming : no

Home Network : AT&T

               MCC : 310

               MNC : 410

      Conn. Uptime : 5653

Step 4: Verify cellular interface information

MagnumDX(cellular)# show info

             IMSI : 310410102231103

             IMEI : 359072061173502

             MEID : 35907206117350

            ICCID : 89014103271022311037

              FSN :

Service Activated : yes

               Firmware Version : SWI9X30C_02.24.05.06 r7040 CARMD-EV-FRMWR2 2017/05/19 06:23:


Step 5: Verify cellular interface is receiving and transmitting data.

MagnumDX(cellular)# show statistics data

      txFrames : 5534

      txOctets : 707466

      txRingOverrun : 0

      txDrop : 0

      rxFrames : 4795

      rxOctets : 660179

       rxDrop : 0

      rxRingUnderrun : 0

Step 6: Verify the Cellular Interface has an IP address from the Service Provider

MagnumDX(ip)# show addresses

Interface       DHCP Address         Subnet Mask     Remote Address  Sys Status

=============== ==== =============== =============== =============== === ======

Default         No                   Yes Up

CELL1           No No  Up

Step 7: Verify the Routing table for Entry for Cellular Interface

MagnumDX(ip)# show routes

Network          Mask            Next Hop        AD  Metric Age    Type

================ =============== =============== === ====== ====== ============ 0   0       0   0 0   0             Local 0   0     0   0             Local     0   0

Troubleshooting Using AT-Commands

NOTE: Only use Shell mode commands, when working with a Technical Support person in troubleshooting. You will not need these commands on daily basis. These are commands related to Modem used in the device.

Steps to enter in the AT command shell are below:

Type serv cell-at-cmd in Magnum shell

Type yes for Proceed.

MagnumDX# serv cell

cell                cell-at-cmd

MagnumDX# serv cell-at-cmd

!!! WARNING !!!




Proceed only under the explicit instruction of trained GarrettCom

support personnel.

Do you wish to proceed (yes/no)? yes

Proceed only under the explicit instruction of trained GarrettCom

support personnel.

Do you REALLY wish to proceed (yes/no)? yes


Enter AT commands ex ATI.  Press q to exit. 

Below are some AT-Commands for Cellular interface troubleshooting purpose.


Display the status of LTE Modem.





Current Time:  111              Temperature: 25

Reset Counter: 40               Mode:        ONLINE

System mode:   WCDMA            PS state:    Not attached

WCDMA band:    WCDMA 2100

WCDMA channel: 10757

GMM (PS) state:Registering      NORMAL SERVICE

MM (CS) state: Wait RR LU       UPDATING

WCDMA L1 state:L1M_FACH         LAC:         56BA (22202)

RRC state:   CONNECTING         Cell ID:     03FA5498 (66737304)

RxM RSSI C0:    ---             RxD RSSI C0: -86

RxM RSSI C1:    ---             RxD RSSI C1:  ---


Configure and show dedicated access point name (APN) at SDK.




+CGDCONT: 1,"IP","apn1","",0,0,0,0


Return the modem’s power control status information.




State: Online

LPM voters - Temp:0, Volt:0, User:0, W_DISABLE:0, IMSWITCH:0, BIOS:0, LWM2M:0, O


LPM persistence - None


Query/set Image Management preferences

Indicate which firmware image (firmware plus carrier configuration) should be selected

from those available on the device, or enable SIM-based image switching. Use the

query format to list the configuration pairs that are currently downloaded and preferred





 preferred fw version:

 preferred carrier name:  ATT

 preferred config name:   ATT_002.027_000

 current fw version:

 current carrier name:    ATT

 current config name:     ATT_002.027_000

  • AT+CPIN?

This command checks the SIM status mounted on the box (If SIM is present and ready or not?).






  • AT+COPS?

This command checks that on which network SIM is registered.




+COPS: 0,0,"Amarisoft Network USIM",7


This Command checks the available APN’s for the installed SIM on the device and which APN is selected at present.

Output (For AT&T):



+CGDCONT: 1,"IP","i2gold","",0,0,0,0

SIM Specific Troubleshooting

All the commands above are common for Verizon/AT&T SIM’s. The only difference is of APN name and their indexes.


Default APN Name for AT&T SIM is i2gold at index 1.


+CGDCONT: 1,"IP","i2gold","",0,0,0,0

For Verizon SIM:

Default APN Name for Verizon SIM is vzwinternet at index 3.


+CGDCONT: 0, "ÏP", "vzwims","",0,0,0,0

+CGDCONT: 0, "ÏP","vzwadmin","",0,0,0,0

+CGDCONT: 1, "ÏP","vzwinternet","",0,0,0,0

+CGDCONT: 0, "ÏP","vzwapp","",0,0,0,0

+CGDCONT: 0, "ÏP","vzw800","",0,0,0,0

+CGDCONT: 0, "ÏP","vzwclass","",0,0,0,0

+CGDCONT: 0, "ÏP","vzw","",0,0,0,0

Note: Output could be different for different boxes.

Steps to Configure DNS to Cellular ISP

From Web:

  1. Go to Administration -> DNS -> Global Settings

Change field Allow PPP/CELL to override configured Name Server to Yes.

2. Go to Administration  -> DNS -> DNS Status to check if DNS Server has been updated.

From CLI:

1. Set PPP/CELL Override Yes.

MagnumDX# dns set ppp-override y

 2. Check If DNS Server Name has been updated or not using following command.

MagnumDX# dns sh status

Source of DNS info : PPP/CELL

       Domain Name :

      DNS Server 1 :

      DNS Server 2 :

      DNS Server 3 :

3. Now try to ping, If it is able to resolve the Domain Name or not.

MagnumDX# ping

Pinging ( with 64 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=64 ttl=41 icmp_seq=0 time=66ms

Reply from bytes=64 ttl=41 icmp_seq=1 time=100ms

Reply from bytes=64 ttl=41 icmp_seq=2 time=100ms

Reply from bytes=64 ttl=41 icmp_seq=3 time=100ms

Reply from bytes=64 ttl=41 icmp_seq=4 time=100ms PING Statistics----

5 packets transmitted, 5 packets received, 0% packet loss, time 262095583 ms

round-trip (ms)  min/avg/max = 66/93/100 ms